Proscalpin 1Mg (Finasteride)


Today, hair loss is a huge problem as you apply different kinds of shampoos, conditioners, and gels as they contain harmful chemicals. Environmental factors are also responsible for this. Proscalpin 1 MG Tablets will help you regain your lost hairs. Strong hairs also improve your personality and look.

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Male pattern hair loss or male pattern baldness is also called androgenic alopecia. It is common in American men. U.S. National Library of Medicine says more than 50 per cent of all men of age 50 will be affected by male pattern baldness.

Genetics or family history of baldness is considered as the root cause of this baldness. But, experts also say that male hormone androgen is also responsible for the same.

The baldness may contribute to causing cancer, thyroid conditions and anabolic steroids.

Male pattern hair loss can start in your teenage years, but adult males are more prone to it.

Men whose close relatives with male pattern hair loss are at a higher risk.

If you are seeing the signs of male pattern baldness, you need to get proper treatment for yourself.

Medycart, the leading online pharmacy in the USA bring a wonderful solution for male pattern baldness in the form of Proscalpin 1 Mg tablet.

The medicine is a specific and competitive inhibitor of type II 5α-reductase.

By this, it blocks the conversion of androgen testosterone to DHT and stops hair loss.

This medicine contains Finasteride, and before consuming it, you should check you are not allergic to it.

If you want this medicine at your doorstep, book your order now. We, in general, take 10-15 days delivery. Our payment came done by Pay Pal. We provide safe and secure shipping of your product.

Take care of your hair, and ensure you are not losing it anymore.


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